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About The Company

Peace at Hand was born of the belief that massage is as much a part of our well-being as exercise and proper nutrition, and that it should not be a luxury accessible only to a select, lucky few. To often, we find that those who need massage the most are the least likely to receive it, and we strive to correct that fact.
Studio space is located in Hyattsville, MD.  Additionally, outcalls are available in the metro area.  I enjoy working "in the trenches," setting up in small or unusual spaces and amid chaos. I have performed chair massage while dodging games of pool or ignoring ringing phones, stepped carefully over dogs and small children while giving a massage on a table, and perfected the art of "making it work."  Not having time to leave home or the office, or being in the middle of an event is no longer a reason to miss out on a massage!

About The Therapist

Jessica LaGarde, LMT, RMP, NCBTMB
I graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) in February 2006 and have been consistently practicing massage therapy since that time. I am licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia, nationally certified, and insured.

Throughout my career, I have remained affiliated with PMTI. Immediately following graduation, I interned in a practical classroom, assisting in deep tissue instruction. For over two years, I have served as a supervisor in the facility's student clinic, assisting students as they create a plan for their massage sessions, overseeing massages given to the general public, and providing feedback to students based on the work observed and the experiences they report.  In addition to serving as a clinic supervisor, I am on staff as a lead instructor for the third level Clinical Applications & Integrations classes.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to work with students and share their experiences as they move through their training process.

Through my private practice, affiliation with PMTI and employment at DC-based spas, I have worked at city halls, in transitional housing facilities, at private clubs, in embassies, at military barracks, at conventions, in private homes and in high-end spas.  There is no one location I prefer or one type of client who I favor, but I do most enjoy working with clients who are actively working towards balance--be it physical, mental, or spiritual.  While I am happy to "pamper," I find it most rewarding to develop an ongoing relationship with a client, and be able to track their growth and progress towards a goal.
In my free time, I am an avid knitter, enthusiastic handspinner, and budding runner and yogi. I enjoy cooking, dining at independantly owned restaurants (Dino is a particular favorite), exploring D.C. and drinking wine.  I love that so many of those things can be done at the same time and if provoked, I will talk at length about any of them.
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