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Welcome to Peace at Hand!

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Welcome to Peace at Hand Massage Therapy

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Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.  ~Buddha

Injury, tension, life events and the simple busy-ness of living in a metropolitan area can all shift us away from our natural, peaceful state. Sometimes we need a helping hand to bring us back to it.  Through a unique blend of massage, craniosacral therapy and energy work, I can become a guide on your journey towards pain management, relaxation, body awareness or pregnancy/postpartum relief.  During your individualized bodywork session, you will be given tools to find your way back in to balance.  Massage is never something that I do to fix you, but rather a subtle, often subconscious, conversation between the two of us.

Please click through the site, feel free to contact me with any questions (I love to talk about my work!) and remember to take a moment to breathe

We offer a blanket $10 discount to students, starving artists and active military personnel. Simply tell us your situation when you book your appointment and we will adjust our fees.
If you are looking for an even lower cost massage, we suggest that you visit PMTIs student or graduate clinics, prices at $37 and $55 respectively. 
If you feel strongly that Peace at Hand is the massage provider for you, and do not wish to look elsewhere, let's talk. It is important to us that massage be comfortable and accessible to those who desire it.