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Welcome to Peace at Hand!

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Welcome to Peace at Hand Massage Therapy

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Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.  ~Buddha

Injury, tension, life events and the simple busy-ness of living in a metropolitan area can all shift us away from our natural, peaceful state. Sometimes we need a helping hand to bring us back to it.  Through a unique blend of massage, craniosacral therapy and energy work, I can become a guide on your journey towards pain management, relaxation, body awareness or pregnancy/postpartum relief.  During your individualized bodywork session, you will be given tools to find your way back in to balance.  Massage is never something that I do to fix you, but rather a subtle, often subconscious, conversation between the two of us.

Please click through the site, feel free to contact me with any questions (I love to talk about my work!) and remember to take a moment to breathe

In a word: no.
There are some techniques that are most effective over bare skin and many traditional massage modalities are designed to be performed that way, but there are always methods of addressing the body that do not require undressing. 
We ask that you undress as much as you are comfortable. For some, that means disrobing completely. For others, that means removing their socks. You will be fully draped with a sheet throughout the entire massage, and we will uncover only the area on which we are working. At no time will you be indecently exposed, even if you undress fully.
Should you choose to leave some of your garments on initially, you will always have the option of removing them as the massage progresses, if you begin to feel that you are missing out.
If you are particularly unsure about undressing, we suggest that you begin with a seated massage, which is traditionally performed with the client fully clothed.